Soshine LiFePO4 RCR123 550mAh Battery and Smart LiFePO4 Charger 3.2V 550mAh 16340 Rechargeable Battery 2000 Time Discharge Cycle

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Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Capacity: 550mAh
Internal resistance: 103-107mΩ
Diameter-D-16.4 max
Height-H-34. max
package size(LxWxH): 6.9x3.4x1.9 cm

1) High quality and operating voltage 3.2V LiFePO4 rechargeable battery.
2) Product details: 16340 LiFePo4 battery with capacity: 550mAh.
3) Light weight, higher energy density, small volume.
4) Longer service life, 1C for Circulation using 2000 charge/discharge Cycle, Capacity above 80%.
5) Low self-discharge.
6) No memory effect.
7) Safer and environmentally friendly.

This charger is an intelligent charger especially designed to charge for 1-2pcs
LiFePO4 RCR123 / RCR2 / 16340 / 17335 3.2
LiFePO4 15266P(Protection) / 16340P(Protection) 3.2
Input:: USB-C 2000mA
Output: 3.6VDC 500mA*1 500mA *2
Dimensions:L87*W55*H23 mm
Package size(L*W*H): 9.4*8.7*2.5 cm
LED indicate:
Red on ----- Battery Charging
Green on -----Charge complete
Turn off ------Stand by
Red-blue flash ---- Non rechargeable battery, Low voltage between <1.80V
End-of-charge voltage detection assures the safe and full charge any time
Short-circuit protection
Over voltage cut-off protection ----- prevents damage to your battery due to over voltage
Complete individual channels ------ convenience; prevent 2 batteries charge each other
Charge Method: CC/CV -------------- Charge battery fully and quickly
Reverse polarity protection --------- prevent damage to your battery and charger

Main Features:

**1. Battery Type:**
   - LiFePO4 batteries are known for their stability, long cycle life, and safety features. Confirm that the battery you choose is specifically a 3.2V LiFePO4 rechargeable battery.

**2. Voltage:**
   - Ensure that both the battery and charger are designed for a 3.2V LiFePO4 system. LiFePO4 batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.2V.

**3. Capacity (mAh):**
   - The 300mAh capacity indicates the amount of charge the battery can hold. Choose a capacity that suits your specific application and power requirements.

**4. Charger Compatibility:**
   - Check that the charger is explicitly designed for LiFePO4 batteries with a 3.2V voltage and a capacity of 300mAh. Using the correct charger is crucial for the safety and optimal performance of the battery.

**5. Charging Current:**
   - Confirm the charging current supported by the charger. It should be suitable for a 300mAh battery. The charging current is usually specified in milliamps (mA).

**6. Charging Time:**
   - Consider the estimated charging time for the battery. Charging time may vary based on the charger's charging current and the remaining capacity in the battery.

**7. Safety Features:**
   - Look for safety features in both the battery and the charger, such as overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control, to ensure safe and efficient charging.

**8. Brand and Reviews:**
   - Choose reputable brands for both the battery and the charger. Reading product reviews can provide insights into the reliability and performance of the products.

**9. Usage Recommendations:**
   - Follow any usage recommendations or guidelines provided by the manufacturer to maximize the lifespan and performance of the battery.

Before making a purchase, ensure that the battery and charger are compatible in terms of voltage, capacity, and charging current. Double-check specifications, read product reviews, and purchase from reliable sources to ensure the quality and safety of the components.


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