High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #
 High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult #

High-carbon Steel Slingshot Balls Catapult

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3mm 100pcs
3.5mm 100pcs
4mm 100pcs
4.5mm 100pcs
5mm 100pcs
5.5mm 100pcs
6mm 100pcs
7mm 50pcs
7.5mm 50pcs
8mm 50pcs
8.5mm 50pcs
9mm 30pcs
9.5mm 30pcs
10mm 30pcs
11mm 30pcs
12mm 20pcs
13mm 15pcs
14mm 10pcs
15mm 10pcs
16mm 10pcs
17mm 5pcs
18mm 5pcs
19mm 5pcs
20mm 5pcs
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Brand Name: MRTNAN

Bundle: Bundle 3

Type: Bow

Model Number: other

Use: Hunting

draw weight: 30-59 Pounds

Brand Name: KONBMAN

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: 4mm5mm6mm100

Use: Hunting

Point Materia: Steel

Ball Slingshot steel ball: Marbles

Product name: Steel Balls Slingshot Steel Ball

Product size: 4mm5mm6mmslingshot balls steel balls

The projectile Steel Balls Bow: 30/100pcs/bag slingshot ammo

Product Size A: 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 4.5mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 7mm

Product Size B: 7.5mm 8mm 8.5mm 9mm 9.5mm 10mm 11mm

Product Size C: 12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20mm

Wholesale high-carbon steel balls for slingshot hunting offer a durable and effective ammunition option for slingshot enthusiasts. Here are key features and considerations associated with these steel balls:

1. **High-Carbon Steel Composition:**
   - The steel balls are made from high-carbon steel, which ensures durability, hardness, and impact resistance. This composition makes them suitable for slingshot hunting applications.

2. **Wholesale Purchase:**
   - Buying steel balls in wholesale quantities is cost-effective for individuals, retailers, or enthusiasts who require a larger quantity of ammunition. It provides an economical option for stocking up on slingshot projectiles.

3. **Various Sizes:**
   - The wholesale offering includes steel balls in various sizes, catering to different slingshot models and individual preferences. Different sizes allow users to choose the appropriate ammunition for their specific needs.

4. **Slingshot Hunting:**
   - High-carbon steel balls are specifically designed for slingshot hunting, providing the necessary weight and impact for accurate shots. They are suitable for targeting small game and varmint.

5. **Catapult Slingshot Ammo:**
   - These steel balls are compatible with catapult-style slingshots, offering a consistent and reliable ammunition option for users of this type of slingshot.

6. **Precision and Accuracy:**
   - The high-carbon steel construction contributes to the precision and accuracy of shots, making them effective for hitting targets with greater force and reliability.

7. **Impact Resistance:**
   - The steel balls are engineered to withstand high-impact forces, ensuring they maintain their shape and performance upon impact with the target.

8. **Outdoor Sports and Recreation:**
   - Wholesale steel balls are suitable for outdoor sports, recreational slingshot shooting, and hunting activities. They provide a reliable option for enthusiasts engaged in various slingshot-related pursuits.

9. **Bulk Packaging:**
   - Wholesale steel balls are often packaged in bulk, offering convenient storage and easy access for users who need a steady supply of ammunition.

10. **Steel Ball Quality:**
    - Quality control is crucial when purchasing wholesale steel balls. Ensuring that the balls meet industry standards for hardness, consistency, and overall quality is essential for reliable performance.

11. **Safety Precautions:**
    - Users should adhere to safety guidelines and wear appropriate eye protection when using high-carbon steel balls in slingshots. Safety should always be a priority during recreational or hunting activities.

12. **Target Shooting:**
    - The steel balls are suitable for target shooting, allowing users to practice and improve their slingshot skills in a controlled environment.

13. **Legal Compliance:**
    - Users should be aware of and comply with local laws and regulations regarding the use of slingshots and steel balls for hunting or recreational purposes.

When purchasing wholesale steel balls for slingshot hunting, individuals should consider the intended use, size compatibility, and adherence to safety measures. It's essential to source the ammunition from reputable suppliers to ensure consistent quality and performance.

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