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Brand Name: InLeung

Blade Length: 14.5

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Sharp Blade: YES

Blade Angle: >60°

Handle Length: 13.5

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Knives

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Model Number: Boning Knife

Certification: CE / EU

Certification: CIQ

Certification: EEC

Certification: LFGB

Certification: SGS

Knife Type: Boning Knives

Material: Stainless Steel

 designed for outdoor hunting is a versatile and robust tool crafted to meet the demands of survival situations and outdoor activities. Here are key features and considerations associated with such a knife:

1. **Handmade Craftsmanship:** The knife is crafted by hand, showcasing the artisan's skill and attention to detail. Handmade knives often feature unique designs and quality craftsmanship.

2. **Survival Knife Design:** The knife is specifically designed for survival purposes, with features that make it well-suited for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting. Survival knives are typically multipurpose tools that can handle various tasks.

3. **Outdoor Hunting:** The knife is explicitly tailored for hunting, indicating it is designed for tasks such as field dressing, skinning, and processing game in outdoor environments.

4. **Fixed Blade Construction:** Survival knives commonly have a fixed blade design, ensuring durability and stability during demanding tasks. Fixed blades are preferred for their strength and reliability in survival situations.

5. **Full Tang Construction:** The knife likely features a full tang, where the blade extends through the handle. Full tang construction adds strength to the knife, making it more reliable for heavy-duty use.

6. **Blade Material:** The blade is likely made from high-quality steel suitable for outdoor use. Common choices include stainless steel or high-carbon steel, known for their durability, edge retention, and resistance to corrosion.

7. **Blade Shape:** The blade shape may be designed for versatility, with features such as a drop point or clip point. These blade shapes are suitable for a variety of cutting tasks encountered in outdoor scenarios.

8. **Sharp Edge:** Survival knives are typically sharpened to a keen edge, facilitating effective cutting and slicing tasks. Maintaining a sharp edge is crucial for the knife's performance in the field.

9. **Grip and Handle Material:** The handle is crafted for a secure and comfortable grip, often made from materials such as wood, rubber, or synthetic composites. The choice of handle material impacts the knife's ergonomics and resistance to environmental conditions.

10. **Additional Features:** Some survival knives may include additional features such as a sawback, firestarter, or built-in compass, enhancing their utility in survival situations.

11. **Sheath:** A durable and functional sheath is usually included for carrying and protecting the knife. The sheath may attach to a belt or backpack, ensuring convenient and secure carry during outdoor activities.

12. **Collector's Item:** Handmade survival knives, especially those crafted with unique designs, patterns, or details, may appeal to collectors who appreciate the artistry and functionality of these custom pieces.

When using a Handmade Survival Knife for outdoor hunting, individuals should adhere to ethical and responsible hunting practices. Additionally, understanding local regulations regarding knife use and carrying is important for legal and safe outdoor experiences. Regular maintenance, including proper cleaning and sharpening, ensures the knife remains reliable in the field.

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