Oxford Cloth Pruner Sheath Protective Plastic/cloth Case Cover Multifunction Portable Garden Scissors Covers for Pruning Shears

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190mm Plastic case
215mm Cloth bag
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Material: Oxford Cloth/Plastic

Model Number: Gardening Scissors Bag

Type: Bag

Name: Pruner Holster

Material: cowhide

The Gardening Scissors Bag, also known as a Pruning Scissor Case or Leather Sheath, is a portable and convenient holster designed to carry and protect essential pruning tools such as pliers and pruning shears. Here's a closer look at its features and uses:


1. **Material:**
   * *Cowhide Leather:* The bag is crafted from durable and sturdy cowhide leather, providing a robust protective layer for your gardening scissors.

2. **Design:**
   * *Holster Style:* The bag is designed in a holster style, allowing easy access to your pruning tools while keeping them securely in place.

3. **Portable:**
   * *On-the-Go Convenience:* The portable design of the bag makes it easy to carry your gardening scissors and tools wherever you go in the garden.

4. **Closure:**
   * *Secure Closure:* The bag typically features a secure closure mechanism, such as a snap button or a sturdy strap, ensuring that your tools stay safely within the holster.

5. **Compatibility:**
   * *Fits Various Tools:* The size and design of the bag are tailored to accommodate different types of pruning tools, including pliers and pruning shears.

6. **Protection:**
   * *Protective Sheath:* The leather sheath acts as a protective barrier, preventing the blades of your gardening scissors from damage and ensuring their sharpness.

7. **Durability:**
   * *Long-lasting Construction:* The use of cowhide leather contributes to the bag's durability, allowing it to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and frequent tool insertion and removal.

8. **Organization:**
   * *Tool Organization:* The bag helps keep your gardening tools organized, preventing them from getting lost or misplaced in the midst of your gardening activities.

9. **Belt Attachment:**
   * *Belt Loop:* Some bags come with a belt loop, enabling you to attach the holster to your gardening belt for easy access while working.


1. **Gardening on the Go:**
   * Ideal for gardeners who need to move around the garden and have their pruning tools readily accessible.

2. **Tool Protection:**
   * Provides a protective covering for the blades of pruning tools, preventing accidents and maintaining tool sharpness.

3. **Convenient Access:**
   * Allows for quick and convenient access to your gardening scissors, pliers, or pruning shears whenever needed.

4. **Organization:**
   * Keeps your gardening tools organized, reducing the risk of misplacement and ensuring that essential tools are within reach.

5. **Belt Attachment:**
   * Enables attachment to a gardening belt, providing a hands-free solution for carrying tools while working in the garden.

The Gardening Scissors Bag, with its durable construction and convenient design, serves as a practical accessory for gardeners who prioritize organization, tool protection, and on-the-go accessibility.


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